Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sign Painting Experience with Beej @ the Organic Image Studio

Sign Writing & Lettering Courseave you always been interested in signwriting and the art of traditional lettering, scroll work and lining? We have decided that it is time to promote the art of signwriting here at Organic Image so we are holding these very special workshops where you can immerse yourself in brushes, mahl sticks, lettering enamels and some good old fashioned scrolling. More info coming soon for 2009 dates please register your interest via email.

Lettering Classes

New dates for Sign Painting & Airbrushing 2009 coming very soon. If you have any queries at all about our classes and workshops on how to airbrush Photo-Realistic and Stylised Portraits, True Fire flames, Skulls, Pinstriping and many other artistic airbrushing classes then please drop me a line via email or telephone me on 02081 337738.

Painting Signs on Vinyl - New Experience with Beej for 2009

Sign Writing & Lettering CourseRecently we were asked to demonstrate some of our airbrushing onto vinyl signs at the Sign UK Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Response to these demmos was excellent and lots of sign folks and Letterheads (term for a Brother or Sister of the Brush) expressed a great deal of interest in attending a class specifically to learn how to use Auto Air paint, an airbrush and some Frog Juice to create colourful lettering and logo's instead of using an expensive, digital vinyl printer.

Sign Writing & Lettering Course
We'll show you how to utilise Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design your files and make changes quickly and easily. You will then use these images for reference to paint the vinyl using water-based, Auto Air and new Auto-Borne paint systems. This is a quick and cost-effective way of utilising the latest water-based paint systems to add simple fades or elaborate designs to plain ol' plotter-cut vinyl!

Turn your skills and your plotter into a fantastic, money-making opportunity for signs and vehicle livery.

* Use the computer & software in a way to help you efficiently.

* Learn how to use Illustrator to make secondary masks for hi-lights

* Using Photoshop's powerful tools to quickly create visuals & ideas.

* Prepping the vinyl for Auto Air paint

* Creative Masking and Layering of different vinyls

* Using the Iwata Eclipse Airbrush to lay down the paint

* Clearing & Protecting the finished artwork

* Painting a sign panel and laying on the finished, vinyl artwork

Click HERE for more info.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Airbrush Classes 1 on 1 - 2 Days Save £100

We are all feeling the pinch right now and for some, custom paint for your wheels can be too expensive. What better time then to learn how to do it yourself! We have reduced our Airbrush Tuition cost to help those creatives who are desperate to learn more about this fantastic art form. Plus - Airbrush Classes make fantastic Xmas Pressies for a spouse, partner, family member or creative friend. You CAN afford to come to a class! Click this link to visit our website and see our amazing Airbrush Saver Packages for Beej's 1-2-1 classes in December 08 and February 09 and save yourself £100 in the process - cool!

The cool thing about the paintshop inside Customise Perfection is that we can aslo teach you how to use PPG paints & House of Kolor. If you'd like to buy HOK True Fire Red, Green or Blue Kits or single bottles in 4 and 2 oz sizes then vist This Link to check out our HOK paint section. We have Reducers, Kandy Koncentrates, Shimrin Base Coats, Pearls and Graphic Colours in these cool airbrush size bottles and ship across Europe too.

Airbrush & Photoshop Tutorials & Step by Steps

Airbrushing Pinhead Tutorial

We have 9 very detailed Step by Step Articles with 100's of pics and tips so come on over and check it out. Plus, our messageboard is now completely free at Airbrush Art Forum

There are also Photoshop tips which we use all the time in our work for making visuals which we then airbrush and also, the supporting Photoshop files to d-load so come on over and check it out. Click here NOW! to visit Organic Airbrush Art Website

Airbrushing Jonny Depp Tutorial

If you like what you see perhaps you may be interested in a class and some 1 on 1 Airbrush Experience with Beej too. Check out our website Click here NOW!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Airbrushed Portraits for Xmas Presents

I have been painting and drawing portraits since I was at school and have a real love for portraiture. I have been professionally commissioned for my portraiture for wedding pictures, children's portraits and pet portraits since I was 13 when my dad would go around hauling my portfolio to his pupils while he was teaching folks how to drive! I got my very first commissions that way and I am going to spend most of 2009 concentrating on airbrushing, drawing, painting and teaching portraiture.

Black and white pencil drawings, coloured pencils renderings, Sepia Tone, Airbrushed Portraits (my personal favourite) or full colour Airbrushed Portraits we can do them for you - ANY size! I have painted mural portraits on 30ft x 16ft canvas so don't be afraid to ask for something you may think is on the LARGE size ;)

We are taking orders now for Xmas but please do not leave it too long if you want to stay within the Christmas 08 deadline. Click HERE to visit the website and place an order securely on line for an airbrushed portrait. We ship WorldWide so if you are on the other side of the world, you can own one of our pieces of art.

You will need a good reference photo that doesn't infringe any copyright at all & you can email that to us. It MUST be good quality for us to be able to work from. We can also Photoshop a montage/family shot from several seperate images producing a group portrait layout that never existed in reality. See images like this HERE

Organic Workshop with Dave & Beej

What a cool pic of our workshop! Taken by a good friend of Organic Image, Clive flies helicopters and trains pilots so now and again we hear the roar of a massive blades outside and there he is, swooping over the treetops! Hehe. Gonna flame up that chopper but me thinks someone didn't hear me correctly when I said what Dave and I paint for a living! I meant the ones with wheels but hey - if it don't move, paint it eh! The Workshop is tucked away behind the disused B&W Nurseries on the A36 Road between Romsey & Salisbury so please, come on by for a cup of coffee and a chat if you want some custom paint work doing. Dave is there all day most days including Saturdays and I am there from Wed - Sat. starting Wed 12th Nov 08.

Also find some cool pics today while going through some of my old Paint Job folders so thought I'd share a couple with you, particularly this one, so enjoy fellas :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Paintshop Creative Space - Organic Image + Customise Perfection

Organic Image & Customise Perfection have been combining their skills for the past 3 years and throughout 2008 have produced many works of customised art which will start to see added to this new Blog every week. Dave Matthews and Beej Curtis have 30years of creative experience, Dave in the automotive re-spray and fabrication world and Beej in the colourful world of airbrush and art. Together, they are an incredible team.

Airbrush Art Paintshop at Customise PerfectionWell, loads of folks have asked me over the past year or so, where is Dave's paintshop where you do that airbrush lark? So here's a couple of pics of the space I have in the paintshop with Dave. Plenty of room for me and several students and a great space for 1 on 1 classes. The advantage of being at Dave's for some classes is the use of the spray booth and the fact that I do a lot of House of kolor and other solvent-based spraying here.

Check the website for new Airbrush class Dates in December 08 and Feb 09 in Hampshire. Click HERE.

Airbrush space at dave's workshop PlaitfordWe have a feed in from the main compressor giving us dried air supply so get no problems with moisture in the lines and have more than enough air for airbrushes or spray guns. The small, desk-top booth has been a real advantage and I've installed it in every place I have worked. You will even see it in the video (right in the Video Bar) in the latest ABATV trailer where you can see it in the beautiful White Horse Stable Rooms in Downton where I sometimes host classes. The surroundings are very green and lush and there is plenty of parking. If you'd like to come down and say hi then drop me a line first to make sure I am around as I have to be all over the place but soon, I am planning on spending a fair bit time at the paintshop working on new projects. And here are some pics of dave himself (Mr Elusive!) at work - as usual . .

Dave working on the VW Bug Snake Mural we did together earlier this year. We took this bonnet (hood) along to the Masterclass in Worthing. We have a scale model version of the Bug to paint soon so more on the that later . .

Createx Auto-Borne Paints Now Available!

AUTO-BORNE are the very latest, water-borne, super-fine paints to come out of Createx. Amazing for details with little tip-dry and incredible airbrush detail - What you've been waiting for from these guys! White, Black & 8 Colours. Click HERE to go to the Auto-Borne Section and purchase.

Here's some info on the paintshop from Dave's website at

Rear of B&W Nurseries, Salisbury Road, Plaitford, Romsey. Hants. SO51 6EE

Dave Matthews IS Customise Perfection! With over 30 years experience covering all aspects of body repair and repainting, he has a deep wealth of knowledge. This has allowed him to be able to produce some stunning, award-winning work over the years. You can now take advantage of that experience and when you place some work with Dave, - you will sure to be impressed with the end result.

Customise Perfection is now based just off the busy A36 Salisbury road in the village of Plaitford, Hants. We can easily be found just behind the disused B&W Nurseries buildings you can see from the road.

Having previously been based on the outskirts of Southampton, this new facility has enabled Dave to concentrate on the motorcycle side of the business which has always been busy. We have a custom built spray booth especially made to our specifications. With the latest lighting and extraction systems, its the perfect place to work in.

We also have a computer aided design facility for cutting vinyl graphics together with dedicated preparation areas. There is a locked compound and a majority of the vehicles and bikes we are working on are kept under cover at night. There is also a large parking area on site and an office / reception where we can offer you a coffee or tea when you visit.

Airbrushing, Gold leafing & Pinstriping Dave's new logo I designed on some cool demo tanks built by Simon Harris for the Biker Build Off held this summer (what summer?) at Beaulieu Motor Museum. On the other side, well . . our own logo then!

Svee working hard on the VW bug filling n a-grinding!

Oh, and Svee again . . does he ever leave this place? He loves it too much!

Dave doing what he's brilliant at doing - laying on Kandy in the spray booth. We have lots more video of work going on at the paintshop and we'll be adding some to DVD's, to and here to the blog, so check back regularly . .

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why Become a Member at the Organic Image Website?

Becoming a Member at the Organic Image Website
Membership gives you access to many creative, advantages. Discounts on 1000's of airbrush-related products including; Airbrushes by all the big names you trust like Iwata, Badger, Richpen Mojo and Paasche where we have some of the best prices in the UK with FULL 10 Year Warranty on Iwata equipment. Tutorial DVD's from all the big names including the very latest DVD from Power Studios.

How much is it to join?
Membership to the Airbrush Art Website of Organic is only £29.99 and for this you get: discounts on art materials, airbrushes, paint etc from the store - Access to Downloadable Artwork Files & Illustrations from Beej's personal collection of Art - Access to Photoshop Tutorials and their supporting psd files to download and access to in-depth airbrush articles by Beej with 100's of supporting airbrush on-the-job photographs, tips, tricks, links and advice on airbrushing & art. Join Here Now!

Sneak Preview of What's Available to Members
Click this link --> Tutorials for Premium Members to preview the 11 magazine-style, in-depth Tutorials & Downloads and read the first page of each airbrush art job section and check out the 39 Downloadable images and files currently available. We are adding Brand New digital art files over the next few weeks too!

Airbrush Art TV - Coming Soon!

Also if you join now you will get access to Playlists (launching soon). A fantastic new project Organic Image are currently putting together for YOU. To back-up our static, magazine-style tutorials on the website, we have produced many step-by-step tutorials this year on film and we are currently editing these to add to ABATV. To get an idea just how many airbrush-related films are on the way in glorious colour, check out this link and wet your creative appetite!

Organic Image + Customise Perfection - Beej & Dave

Take a look at some of the work produced over this year with Dave at Customise Perfection - and there's much more to come! If you are interested in getting some Airbrush Artwork and Custom Paint please contact me via the website Contacts Page Over 30yrs experience - a superb Custom Painting team.

Andy's Flaming Dragon Fatboy - House of Kolor & PPG

You can purchase House of Kolor paints from Organic Image CLICK HERE for 2 and 4oz bottles and True Fire Kits in Red, Blue & Organic Green!

Blue Flames - House of Kolor & PPG Fine Pearls

Hose of Kolor Blue True Fire Kit - Available to buy HERE from Organicimage website